You are my first love

I wasn’t aware of you

Nor did I hope to find you back

Not that I lost you

But just couldn’t connect those dots

That were all blurred and wiped

Sometimes by rains

Sometimes by storms

But I painted them back

With shades of grey

Until you gave me colours to play

And I had dipped you

Deep inside my soul

There was my solace

That never was found

And you revealed yourself

Like the sunshine after every night

That was when I realised I was growing

I was growing with you

I was growing because of your love in me

And I kept this going on

Until one day we had to part away

But I still owe you

Those parts of me

Which you helped me build for myself

And I have no words to thank you

For being in my life

Showing me what I am

And making me love you

But I promise you

My love will never destroy you

Or your happiness

And I set you free

Not binding you

with my love and conditions

To me you are

My first love

That is all I need you to know

Roshni Borana

(Because he gives me reason to write my heart out and he isn’t aware of it …..I have made him mortal in my poetries and I don’t have to be with him to love him because I don’t believe in binding or conditioning love ❤I set him free)

Published by roshniborana

introvert and complacent !!! beautifully broken and healing!!!

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