Unchee diwaree, galiya he tang.

Mere sapno ko ab milegi umang

Ab rokne se na rukoongi me

Ab apne sapno ko roshan karugi me

Azadi se ab jeena he mujhe

Raaste he mushkil par himmat he sang

Har kadam pe hosle he buland 

Ab darane se na darugi me

Ab dabane se na dabugi me

Azadii se ab jeena he mujhe

Andhera mita ke roshan kiya

Bekhuof azaad he rehna mujhe

Bekhouf azaad he behna mujhe 

Bekhuof azaad he jeena mujhe. …..

Unchee diwaree todugi me 

Apne raaste modugi me

Apne sapno ko uncha pohochaugi me

Apne Zid or Azadii se rechaugi itihaas me

Raasto ko banaugi asaan me

Apne himmat se badhugi me

Kadmo ko dhat ke rakhugi me

Apni manzil dhoondoogi me

Ab azaadi se rahugi me 

Ab azaadi se chalugi me

Ab azaadi se bahugi me

Ab azaadi se udugi me

Ab azaadi se jeeungi me…..



20 thoughts on “

      1. What does it mean to be a brave girl according to me? Ummmmm🤔
        Well, it’s very difficult to be a “BRAVE GIRL” in today’s world. If you can take stand for right thing then you are brave. But it’s not easy. My younger sister always takes stand for what’s right, but I always get afraid when she does so. For the obvious reason, anyone can harm her when I’m not around.

        So, for me a “BRAVE GIRL” is the one who takes stand for what’s right but after putting the consequences in mind, because girls are smarter than boys😉.

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      2. Well if he will, try not fighting back because that’s the way we brothers care for our sisters. We just don’t show it directly. Maybe because we don’t want to show that we have a soft corner in our heart.
        And one more thing…..
        When ever he’ll say these things, just give him a tight hug. It’ll make him feel good…..

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