Bed of death

I’m scared these days to write anything
Anything that I feel
Some strings of my heart have detached from myself
I can see myself shattering like my poetry has disappeared these days
I can see my soul wandering in search of paradise-like my words are in search of poetry
I don’t realise
How long have I not been myself
Making a bed of death for myself

Roshni Borana

Miles apart

I just need a touch of your skin to burn in all seasons

I just need a gentle kiss to bloom with every sunshine

I just need your eyes to speak until last breath

I just need every part of you to be aware with mine


Stay close enough like moon and stars

Yet miles apart

Roshni Borana

Garden of love

I love when you bring home flowers after a long tiring day
But I love more when you bring a smile on your face just to make me smile
I feel like I have lived ages in a single life
When you pour all your love and care in a blink of an eye
It’s just this, that has kept me so alive
Every morning waking up by inhaling every inch of you, keeping me waiting for you until the night
Ohh my love, with every flower you bought home, I have made a garden of love
Just to stay there with you until and forever

Roshni Borana

Easier with you

Loving you was not easy

But its easier now to hold on

Its easier now to fall again and again

It’s easier to live a real life

It’s easier to learn and rise

Its easier to rise every time holding your hand

It’s easier to let go, all the fears, hate, tears and everything which was killing me

Just because it was easier to know you and love you

Roshni Borana

Abandoned from ages

I thought Its always better being alone

I used to fear of losing myself

But since you have stepped by my side

I’m fearing for you

I’m fearing not to lose you

I’m trying to make you happy

Even when my bed is made of thorns

I’m trying to be your sunshine

Even when my heart is dark

I’m trying in every way

To keep you close to my heart

Even when it’s broken into millions

Because I just crave for your love

Which I had been abandoned from ages

Roshni Borana

Not home

#poetry #heartbreaks #home

These days I feel empty

Not a single piece of my heart beats

Yet everyone wants to break it

Every time and every way

Which has already been broken and shattered in thousand and million ways

It’s not home anymore in there

Just empty spaces filled with darkness

And I’m still alive

With no desires to stay

Roshni Borana