Not home

#poetry #heartbreaks #home

These days I feel empty

Not a single piece of my heart beats

Yet everyone wants to break it

Every time and every way

Which has already been broken and shattered in thousand and million ways

It’s not home anymore in there

Just empty spaces filled with darkness

And I’m still alive

With no desires to stay

Roshni Borana

When our love win

Give me every piece of your heart

Every time when our love win

Let me have it in parts

Let me look into each broken part

Let me feel every time it beats

Let me live in each part of it

And I will make it whole and beautiful than ever

Roshni Borana

Falling star

#roshniborana #fallingstar #blogger #poeticsoul

Sometimes life makes me feel so miserable

Or is it just that I urge to feel so

I don’t understand the wars within the self

With one reason to smile

Follows a hundred reasons to cry

With some hope to stand

I am shot by a thousand reasons to fall

When a heart and soul walks towards me

I always break them into millions

And finally, I fall off

Like a falling star

And everyone loves to wish

and gaze it from afar

Roshni Borana

I felt alive

I have walked far enough
And nothing can take me back
My heart fears those paths
It knows each and every day
How oceans formed until the night passed
How every part of me was dead but still breathing
Every day my heart got heavier
Getting stuffed like a pillow
And got soaked in darkness
Until you reached out into my darkness
Until you walked into my world
And stretched your hand
How beautifully you took me away
From my darkness
And lit my world with happiness
And I felt alive

Roshni Borana

The heart wants what it wants

Life is beautiful when your heart gets what it wants

Mornings become more beautiful

Nights become brighter

But Reality is always hidden

You start losing a few

Unexpected happens

Life starts changing

You start wandering

In search of yourself

Even after you have everything

You urge for more

Something which satisfies your soul

And life happens just like that

Wandering and searching

Because the heart wants what it wants

Roshni Borana