Being me ….!!

​Now I am headed up

Leaving just footsteps behind

Breaking the strings that bind

None shall stop me now

Nor break me now

For I have realised the purpose of being; Alive…

I’m heading for the heights 

Where no traces can find my trail

I’ll be someone 

Not being someone. ,but me

Roshni Borana 


​Time ain’t your buddy….Nor is it mine,

It’s merely a mirror….
Time is either used or misused,
Time seems to resonate,bygone, gimmick
Yet seems to slay on eternal vibes….
Time travels,…Time forgives choices
It seems generous at times ….But it ain’t
And never will be ..
Time triggers life…Time conceals life
Time terminates life…..Time shows hope
Time inspires sense groomed whereabouts .,
Time brings you down at times too,
Time is time
Has no braced handcuffs ,bribing it’s being
It’s the best mirror you would ever have….


Not all who walk away ,are running away 

Few things remain unsolved 

And seldom; resonate misery, throughout the lifetime 

But the hardest part is ,you are compelled to live with those unsolved miseries to move on 

And as the days pass by , you walk away to set yourself free and stop bothering people…This doesn’t mean you are running away though…

Not all who walk away ,are running away

Roshni Borana