Always and forever

Tonight it seems like The moon is gonna hide the way you pour out your love with eyes Glorifying me from top to bottom From every nook and corner Just to remind me You are by my side Always and forever Roshni Borana Advertisements

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Keep yourself open

I was always said Keep your heart and mind open ,you never know when good things come at your door step and enlighten your life in no time. There is always hope which brings you back from the darkest corner and you don’t even realise how it happens. You just have to keep faith and […]

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Comebacks are never easy and worth full All that has happened are bygones And nothing needs to be proven Roshni Borana Happy reading and keep supporting and motivating with your precious responses ☺

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To keep up his promise

And he promised to give me happiness Unaware that I wasn’t supposed to … I wasn’t supposed to go beyond those fake smiles He knew my heart craved and longed to do every damn thing but nothing was to happen I was empty and hollow And he started drowning in my empty world to keep […]

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