Not me anymore

I don’t know if I exist

I don’t know if I’m leaving either

Or just breathing

I’m in the act of creating nonsense

I don’t know weather to smile or cry

Seeing my dreams vanishing into darkness

Seeing myself withering into pieces

Parting away from my body

Not knowing where to go either

I’m just not me anymore

Roshni Borana


Scaring me


your love

Has been scaring me


Than my nightmares

Roshni Borana


Those miseries which you gave me

Taught me enough

Which broke all my dreams

Which I had dreamt to fulfill with you

With all desires and passion

Instead you dropped them all

And broke them into pieces

Which still lay under my pillow

Soaking with my tears

Floating with no destination

Trying hard to flee

But unaware that they are lost

And they are still finding home

But I promise

I’ll build them all again

And make them alive

Without you

Roshni Borana

चलो मिलके ढूंढे प्यार को

चलो मिलके ढूंढे प्यार को

किस गली से शुरु करे

बेनिशान है ये गलिया

यहा सिर्फ नफरते जिन्दा है

और सिर्फ नफरतो की शहनाइया बजति है

जो पल भर मे सब लूट गयी

बेशक मोहब्बत का भी यही बसेरा था

कमबख्त इश्क भी हवाओ मे झूले झूला करता था

नजाने अब किस दुनिया मे जा बसे

की सारा शहर मानो जीता जागता

कब्रिस्तान बन गया

Roshni Borana

Walk out

I’m walking out

Of The darkness you left me in

And made me fierce

Of my own shadows

Out the window sill

Now I walk back to myself

Over the thorns and darkness

To blossom amongst the beauty

And cherish my life

Roshni Borana

Mornings of solace

There are mornings

Where I find my solace

The emptiness

Which I feel those days

Is mind blowing

It feels like

I have found myself

After ages of tracing and searching

I feel no pain

I feel no grief

I feel no love or hate

It’s just the emptiness and me

The bliss and the lightness

In the atmosphere

Gives me goosebumps

Making me realise

This is where I belong

This is my home

Which i find in myself

Roshni borana

Insta id –@boranaroshni